Application to the Hub begins with a conversation and tour of the facility with the Executive Director, followed by submission of a formal application (link to application form below).  Applications are reviewed by the Admissions Committee, who will consider the following criteria, among other things, when screening applications:

  • Age of the company.  Applicant must be in existence for less than 4 years.
  • Intellectual property rights.  Applicant must own or have the right to commercialize (i.e., through a license) a developing technology, process or service, or be in the process of obtaining such right.
  • Ownership of the company.  Preference will be given to applicants who are wholly or partly-owned by a CUNY faculty member.
  • CUNY research component.  Preference will be given to applicants attempting to find applications of, or otherwise commercialize CUNY faculty research.
  • Opportunities for CUNY students and faculty.  The Hub is seeking clients that will develop, use or produce products, processes or services that could stimulate employment opportunities for CUNY students and consulting and collaborative research activities with CUNY faculty.
  • Financial Resources.  Applicant should show, through its financial documents and business plan, the ability to pay its license fees, and the potential for success and graduation out of the Hub within a reasonable period of time.
  • Economic development.  The Hub is seeking clients whose business will potentially contribute to the economic development of New York City and New York State.

Participants in the Hub may select one of three occupancy options based on availability.  The three options are as follows:

In-Residence.  These clients have assigned space at the Hub.  Both private offices and desks with a locker are available.  Private offices can accommodate 1 – 3 people, are furnished with a desk, 3 chairs and shelving, and are equipped with an iMac (owned by CUNY).  Licenses are for an initial six-month term, which may be renewed.  The client is required to obtain liability and property insurance.  The client has access to common facilities at the Hub.

Virtual Client.  These clients do not have assigned space but have access to the Hub facility and its services, including a mailbox, voicemail, participation in Hub activities and access to its common facilities based on availability.

Mail Address Only.  These clients use the Hub for company incoming mail only, and do not have access to the facility and its services.  A shorter application and agreement form is available for this option (use Mailing Address Application and Agreement)