Starting a new business involves careful planning, obtaining financial resources, and complying with various city, state and federal regulations.  The Hub offers the following services related to these areas, primarily through the Lawrence N. Field Entrepreneurship Center at Baruch College and the CUNY Research Foundation. The Research Foundations will charge a service fee for Accounting, Payroll and Human Resources services.

Business Plans.  A written business plan is an implementation guide for the creation of a new business.  New Hub clients will be required to submit a business plan with their application or develop one shortly after being accepted.  The Field Center offers periodic seminars on writing a business plan.

Marketing.  New Hub clients are offered seminars and workshops by Field Center and TCO professionals on the basic principles of marketing.

Website Design.  The Hub website identifies clients in residence at the Hub with a short description of their companies, but does not offer individual websites for the companies.  Clients may develop company websites independently of the Hub and the Hub may provide assistance in web design.  (Identify resource in CUNY)

Accounting.  Accounting will be available through competitive non-CUNY companies, and through training on using Quickbooks accounting software.

Payroll & Human Resources. Hub Clients are responsible for establishing their own payroll and HR services and policies. Clients will be offered services by several payroll/HR companies at competitive prices.

Legal Services.  Limited legal services are available through the Field Center.  This service is available to others in addition to Hub clients and there is a high demand.  Other low cost or pro bono legal services can be obtained through law school clinics, and other incubator services in New York City.